Dunn Loring Village Homeowners Association

Please be advised that a small section of Dellway lane will be striped tomorrow following the paving work. There are ‘no parking’ signs marking the area affected and there is to be no parking between 7am and 7pm tomorrow. This striping work only affects the visitor spaces clearly marked with signs. We appreciate your cooperation while we complete this last area of the project. 
Hayley Wheeler
Sequoia Management

Dunn Loring Village Pavement Project is Ongoing. Check here for updates.

PAVING SCHEDULED ON WEDNESDAY 8/1/2018 (weather permitting)

As of now, the postponed paving work for ‘Day 6’ (green section below) will take place tomorrow. This means any vehicles parked in this area must be moved by 7am tomorrow morning (August 1
Due to the unpredictable weather at the moment it is imperative that residents in this area check for updates by email and on the website, in case there is a change to the plan. 
Thank you for your cooperation in the last major stage of this project. 



Dear Residents-


Due to the forecasted weather Monday’s scheduled paving work has been cancelled. Cars do not need to be moved by 7am. 


As the weather for the week is looking very uncertain we do not yet have an updated day for work to continue. 


Please monitor the website and email for communications and we will advise when the work will continue as soon as possible.


Thank you for your understanding.

Dunn Loring Village Pavement Project is Ongoing. Check here for updates.

Paving Update 7/20/2018

Another fine day and another section finished. The striping went on longer than expected this evening but is complete. As a reminder, any issues will be assessed at the end of the project and rectified if necessary. We appreciate your input. We respectfully ask that all observations are directed to management and not the workmen on site so that we have a comprehensive list to refer to during assessment. Work men are not allowed to deviate from the plan given to them.

There will be no work over the weekend. The final stage is set for Monday. We ask that you check the website/emails on Sunday as the weather may potentially affect this plan. 

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend. 


Paving Update 7/19/2018

Dear Residents,

A brief update this evening. The weather was again kind and today’s sections of resurfacing were on schedule. 

Another thank you for all the helpful residents who have contributed to this project by following the parking requirements and so on. It’s been lovely to meet so many of you on site over the course of this week. We appreciate you and are happy you are pleased with the results of the project thus far. 

American Disposal confirmed again that trash and recycling collections will take place before 7am tomorrow morning- please ensure all trash is out at the curbside this evening or very early tomorrow morning as we do not have an exact time for collection, except for ‘before 7am.’

**A reminder that all trash must be stored in lidded containers and NO loose trash may be left at the curb side. The rodent and bird problem is out of control in the neighborhood and unless the food sources are eliminated, this will not improve. So much is invested into keeping the neighborhood nice- unless residents take responsibility for the trash issue on an individual level, these efforts are overshadowed by the trash problems.**


If your street, or where you park, is highlighted for work tomorrow (on the signs or notices) you must have your vehicle moved by 7am or it will have to be towed and impounded. 


Again, thank you for all your cooperation. We are nearing the finishing line. After Friday’s work there will be no major work over the weekend, the project will resume and complete, (weather permitting) on Monday. 

Paving Update 7/18/2018

Dear all,

As the weather was kind today we are on schedule and work is proceeding as planned. We would again like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued cooperation during this project.

A special thanks to those emailing with observations about the completed work. We would like to assure you that a full assessment of the work will be done when the project completes- at that point we will identify any small areas that may need revisiting. Right now the priority is to complete the bulk of the work in order to stick as closely (as weather allows) to the schedule. This is priority one- the schedule helps us control the disruption at a disruptive time in the neighborhood. All other issues will be reviewed after the main work is finished, and if deemed necessary, action will be taken to correct these issues.

Please be sure to monitor your emails and the website at dlvhoa.org for important updates, and please ensure that all vehicles are moved on time according to the schedule.

We look forward to having this project completed and the positive impact it will have on the community. We are grateful for your support while we are making this happen. The decision to resurface the neighborhood all at once was by far the most cost effective option available- it has also allowed us to isolate the disruption to a shorter period of time, as opposed to having 5 or 6 phases of work over a longer period of time. Your cooperation allows us to complete these projects in the most cost effective manner, and being able to make decisions like these is what ultimately allows us to protect the dues rates for owners. We do appreciate your understanding while the work is going on.

Trash and recycling collection was confirmed again with American Disposal today and will go ahead as planned on Friday.

Thank you again and we look forward to having this work completed!


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Firstly we would like to thank you for your continued patience while this necessary paving work is carried out.
To residents on Dellway Lane (8600-8662)
The road work that began today went ahead as scheduled. Unfortunately the weather meant that the work was halted and although the vast majority of asphalt was completed before the storm hit, a small section of asphalt, along with the curb painting for parking spaces remain unfinished. 
As such the contractors will return tomorrow to complete these aspects of the job. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.  (Tomorrow's work on Grovemore Lane is unaffected by this schedule change and will go ahead as advised. Please ensure vehicles are moved by 7am to avoid towing)
Action Required for Dellway 8600-8662:
Although we will not require that parking spaces are fully vacated we will need for vehicles to be parked 2 feet away from the curb to allow for painting to go ahead. We request that residents please ensure that their vehicles are parked away from the curb by no later than 7am. We will have a tow truck on site and vehicles that have not been moved to allow the painting may be moved (not impounded) to ensure the work can be carried out.   
Trash (For Dellway Residents Affected)
American Disposal was notified in advance that their today's trash collection must take place before 7am due to roadworks. Despite repeated confirmations from American Disposal that this would  take place, they failed to collect trash from Dellway Lane today as requested. Management was on site from 6.30am and on the phone to American from this point onwards. American Disposal accepts responsibility for their failure to attend and were on site at 3.36pm- trash was collected from all areas of the community except Dellway Lane which they were expressly forbidden from driving on. Management instructed that they must collect the trash cans by hand and they were unable to do this due to the storm. As such, Dellway residents have been without trash collection today.
Trash and recycling collection in all areas of the neighborhood will be collected Friday morning before the scheduled paving work commences. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by their error and you have our word that the issue is being escalated to its fullest extent by management.
Please note:
The  remaining stages of asphalt work are continuing as scheduled. As today has proved, weather can impact progress- please monitor email and DLVHOA.org for updates. Any changes to the schedule will be reported by these means.
Please ensure that your vehicles are moved as and when the schedule details. 
Again, thank you for your patience and understanding while this essential work is completed.

Current News

DLV Sidewalk, Parking Lot and Driveway Paving and Asphalt Repairs to begin June 18, 2018 through July 20, 2018 (weather permitting).  Vehicles will need to be removed from the scheduled work area by 7:00am and will be permitted to return after 6:00pm.   See the calendar for details.

Construction Set To Begin
: VDOT and its contractors have indicated that major construction will start soon, including tree clearing along Dunn Loring Village.

Homeowner Assessments Reduced for 2018:
The DLV Board of Directors has reduced the annual assessment for 2018. See Pay HOA Assessments on this website for payment information.

I-66 Construction Letters: DLV has been made aware of letters being sent to certain residents offering pre-construction surveys in relation to the I-66 Widening. DLV recommends obtaining an independent legal opinion if you have concerns or questions relating to the project

Fire Lanes:
As a reminder, do not park in yellow curb fire lanes. Vehicles parked in the fire lanes will be towed. Details are posted on the signs at the village entrances.

Bus service has returned to DLV! New weekday peak hour service is provided by Fairfax Connector Route 462, which began on October 3, 2017.

Widening Update:

Fall 2017:

NOV 13:
VDOT Design Meeting: VDOT held a public hearing on I-66 final designs on Monday November 13 from 6:30 to 9:00 at Oakton High School. Construction will begin in early 2018.

NOV 8:
Supervisor Linda Smyth held a community briefing on the latest plans for the Transform66 Outside the Beltway on Wednesday, November 8 from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Marshall Road Elementary School, 730 Marshall Road SW, Vienna. 

NOV 13: VDOT is holding a public hearing on I-66 final designs on Monday November 13 from 6:30 to 9:00 at Oakton High School.

Summer 2017:

Survey work for the I-66 widening continues around Dunn Loring Village.  Please stay tuned about future meetings that VDOT indicated would take place in Fall 2017. 

VDOT plans to start the I-66 widening later in 2017.  With the anticipated effects of the widening on Dunn Loring Village to include land taking, 24 hour construction noise, and demolition/rebuilding of the Cedar Lane and Gallows Road overpasses, VDOT hosted several meeting in June.  VDOT informed us that they expect to hold additional meetings about noise and construction in the fall.

Spring 2017:  There are significant changes that VDOT and its private partner are making to I-66 widening plans.  These changes have been identified primarily through limited disclosures that VDOT has made to the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB) so far.  VDOT seeks the TPB's endorsement to amend these changes s to the region's Constrained Long Range Plan (CLRP).

None of these changes are in the previously announced preferred alternative.  Some of the changes include:

1.)  Some storm water management ponds may reappear in the project (additional land taking is back on the table).

2.) Express Lane access is being added at Route 123, and at Nutley St. (previously VDOT said this was impossible at Nutley St, precluding the use of our (area concerned residents') Do No Harm proposal that would have minimized impacts and home takings in the Dunn Loring area

3.) Semi trucks/tanker trucks will be allowed in the Express Lanes (and access ramps).

If you'd like to read more information about VDOT's statements, please see transform66wisely.org.


VDOT has received a Finding of No Significant Impact (to the natural and human environment) for Transform I-66 Outside the Beltway. This clears the way for the project to proceed with vendor selection and construction.

The Transform I-66 Outside the Beltway project recently requested comments on the procurement process, which will affect neighborhood residents, commuters, and taxpayers.  The procurement public comment period ended on June 16, 2016.

The updated materials from the May 2016 meetings, including the Concept Plans are posted at:  http://outside.transform66.org/meetings/may_2016_public_hearings.asp

Trash Disposal

Please place all trash in sealed bins. Do not leave trash in bags. Rats and other pests break into the bags to feed, bringing diseases and more rodents into your community and yards. This threatens health and pets. Please report trash violators.

Widening Plans and Dunn Loring Village

VDOT's official plan will expand I-66 significantly into our community

        More information

Current VDOT Preferred Alternative - Dunn Loring Village West

Current VDOT Preferred Alternative - Dunn Loring Village East

View latest news on I-66 Widening Impacts 

Virginia leader contact information

New Management for Dunn Loring Village

The Dunn Loring Village HOA Board of Directors has chosen Sequoia Management to provide the community's professional managmeent services, replacing the former management company, POA Management Associates.

Association Dues

2016 Dues Assessments have been mailed to all Dunn Loring Village owners.  To view your account and pay dues by credit card, you may click on the Pay HOA Assessments at right.  There is an $8.50 transaction fee for this service. 

There is no fee for automatic bank withdrawals or to pay by check. 

Trash Service

Please do not put any trash bags out before trash service days, sealed trash cans and recycling containers (only) may be placed out the evening before.  Please be respectful of your neighbors; following this rule helps keep rodents and undesirable wildlife out of your community and yards. 


More Dunn Loring Village Association News

 Dunn Loring Village is a community of residential town homes in Vienna, Virginia. We are conveniently located within walking distance of the Washington, DC Metro System's Dunn Loring Station and in close proximity to the Merrifield Mosaic District, several Fairfax County parks, as well as the Washington & Old Dominion Rail Trail. 

Our amenities include tennis courts, several multi-purpose courts, two playgrounds, a playground shelter, and large common area greenways.